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        K series

        Specifications (photo example)

          Standard Switch adjusted specification
        Model K KR
        Nominal Pressure 3.5MPa
        Pressure rating 5MPa
        Tube bore φ32?φ40?φ50?φ63φ80?φ100?φ125? φ160 φ32?φ40?φ50?φ63φ80?φ100?φ125
        Operating speed 8 - 300mm/sec.
        Operating temperature -10℃ - +80℃  -10℃ - +60℃ 
        Hydraulic fluid
        Symbol 1
        Material Nitrile rubber
        Operating temperature -10℃ - +80℃
        General mineral-based hydraulic fluid 8~200mm/s
        Water-glycol type hydraulic fluid
        Phosphate-basedHydraulic fluid ×
        Fatty acid ester-based hydraulic fluid
        Maximum stroke
        Bore Maximum stroke
        φ32?φ40 1,000mm
        φ50?φ63 1,200mm
        φ80?φ100 1,600mm
        φ125 - φ160 1,800mm
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