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        made in CHINA made by HORIUCHI

        • F series
        • K series
        • T series
        • C series
        • CSC series
        • Draw it 2D
        • Draw it 3D
        Working Days Calendar

        Making things, making people to foster a happier society

        Amid our increasingly advanced technological society, Horiuchi Machinery seeks to define what a truly robust technological society is and what a technological society ideal for human beings should look like. Then, we act on the answers.

        At Horiuchi Machinery, we want to make reliable products that contribute to society not in the single-minded pursuit of random, materialistic wealth, but gain technology that broadens individual minds. With the dignity society grants us for doing so and the awareness of our position as a company, we seek to grow step by step.

        Horuchi Machinery: Working to continually widen a ring of happiness that begins with content individuals, to content families, and on to content global societies.