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        Enter information in the following fields.

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        [Purpose of collecting personal information]
        1. Our company complies with all regulations and other codes pertaining to personal data protection in the collection and use of personal information within a range required for the purposes set forth in the items below.
        (1) To send information to the customer, or for comments or questions
        (2) To deliver or contact you to confirm subscription of purchased or registered goods or services
        (3) To introduce our company’s products, services or campaign information or that of affiliated companies
        (4) To introduce other information our company believes to be useful to customers

        2. Our company will not disclose or offer personal information to a third party without a customer’s permission except as set forth in the following items:
        (1) When provided for the above-listed purposes to outsourced companies with which a non-disclosure agreement is concluded
        (2) When set forth by law

        3. A customer requested to disclose personal information, or who wishes to request results of such disclosure, correction or deletion of his or her information, should contact the office listed below. When the identity of the person making the request is confirmed, it will be handled promptly within a reasonable time frame.
        < Mr.Muramoto ,Shanghai office TEL: 021-5239-1993>